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Francesca Maria Brugnoli

Employment lawyer - at the heart of the dynamic world of employment law

As a member of the Milan Bar since January 2014, I consider my professional training to be in constant evolution. In the context of an ever-changing socio-economic and regulatory framework, I believe that it is essential that we as lawyers – especially employment lawyers – constantly evolve, whether this be in our ability to process change or know how to interpret it.
After first training in civil law, I developed a strong interest in employment law and chose to focus my career in this dynamic field. In collaborating over the years with several law firms, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills in assisting clients in all phases of employment relationships. I have been on both sides of the table, assisting both employers and employees in and out of court.
Upon joining Reslabor in 2018, I became part of an innovative project with a specific focus. I advise clients both in and out of court on all types of employment law matters involving trade union relationship and social security matters, as well as matters involving contracts, companies and managerial relationships, and also assist with the various phases of the conclusion of agency agreements.
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