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The world is seen through the eyes of the observer, said Pirandello. For over 20 years we have been helping our clients find the simplest solutions to even the most complex of situations. 


Roberto Restelli Lawyer

Practicing employment law with dedication and professionalism

“In general, computerized robots are not able to take a look at news surroundings, comprehend and assess the situation, decide what has to be done, and then make a plan and execute it to completion” (David Harel, professor and award-winning computer expert) This is why I am convinced that, despite technology’s reach, the personal touch that I add in my work as an employment lawyer, my desire to understand clients’ needs, and the importance I place on personal relations are what give me positive results. I also believe that preventative solutions to matters of employment law are always preferable to litigation.   [...]

Francesca Brugnoli Lawyer

Employment lawyer - at the heart of the dynamic world of employment law

As a member of the Milan Bar since January 2014, I consider my professional training to be in constant evolution. In the context of an ever-changing socio-economic and regulatory framework, I believe that it is essential that we as lawyers – especially employment lawyers – constantly evolve, whether this be in our ability to process change or know how to interpret it. [...]