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Practicing employment law with dedication and professionalism

“In general, computerized robots are not able to take a look at news surroundings, comprehend and assess the situation, decide what has to be done, and then make a plan and execute it to completion” (David Harel, professor and award-winning computer expert)
This is why I am convinced that, despite technology’s reach, the personal touch that I add in my work as an employment lawyer, my desire to understand clients’ needs, and the importance I place on personal relations are what give me positive results. I also believe that preventative solutions to matters of employment law are always preferable to litigation.  
  I became fascinated by employment law almost 30 years ago when writing my degree thesis on Law No. 223 of 1991, which regulated collective redundancies for the first time in Italy. Since then, I have continued dealing with all aspects of employment, trade union and social security law. After graduating with highest honours, I collaborated for several years with the Institute of Employment Law at the University of Milan.  Around the same time, I began practicing at the law firm Vincenzo and Romolo Stanchi in Milan, where for 11 years (1994–2005) I gained experience in the challenging and fascinating profession of employment law. I also witnessed the birth of AGI (Italian Employment Lawyers Association), one or whose founders was fellow lawyer and colleague Andrea Stanchi and of which I have been a member of since 2003, generally recognised as the most important association regarding matters of employment, trade union and social security law.  The year 2005 was a turning point for me. It was the year when I decide to embark upon new challenges and began working for the employment law firm of Maria Teresa Noro in Milan, where a former fellow university student also worked there, and it was together that we ultimately decided to establish our own firm, Bolognesi & Restelli, at the end of 2009. I became qualified the following year to practice before the Italian Supreme Court, although my passions remained the lower courts and assisting clients.  I continued to offer strategic advice on employment and social security law and trade union matters to companies and managers, remaining in close contact with my clients. I later expanded my expertise to the areas of distribution, franchising and agency agreements (which fall within employment law).  After a period of reflection, in 2018 I decided to open a boutique law firm of my own and that reflected my personal values, and thus Reslabor was born.
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